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Resources for tackling poverty, anywhere

Equipping Mission Workers and Church Planters to Serve the Poor

Our free Aid for Trade Resources can help community outreach with the Gospel in poor communities anywhere! 

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Our survey of mission workers in forty countries concluded that most mission workers have little or no commercial ‘know how’  to help those living in severe poverty generate their own income

Our free online resources have been specially developed and tested to equip mission workers and church leaders in poor communities to help reduce severe poverty effectively, by providing or enabling others to provide, effective training and ‘know how’ to help individuals and groups start or grow income generating activities to meet basic family needs.

If short or long term mission field workers and church planters are equipped with access to Aid for Trade resources and a willingness to help tackle poverty in the communities they will work in, this may help with visa application for sensitive countries and should assist:

1. Acceptance in a community as someone who can help them 

2. Contribute to community outreach by the local church

3. Providing help for unemployed members of a local church

4. Having access to training programmes that can be introduced to other churches and communities

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Prof. Rev. Tony Campolo Hon Patron Aid for Trade

"Of all the problems in the developing world, none is greater than the problem of Unemployment"

Mother Teresa

"Not all of us do great things. But we can do small things with love"

David Livingstone

"Those two pioneers of civilization - Christianity and commerce - should ever be inseparable"

Nelson Mandela

"Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the action of human beings"

Our specially developed Mission Aid resources for helping income generation activities and our selected links to other educational facilities are designed to help churches and mission workers tackle poverty and deprivation in poor communities, anywhere!

Visit our free resources website on www.aidfortrade.info

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